M82 Sniper Rifle

M82 Sniper Rifl

The M82 Sniper rifle is a 50 caliber sniper rifle. It uses the powerful 12.7x99mm M2 Browning Machine gun round. Capble of firing armor piercing and incindiary amunition from a 10 round magazine.

Record HolderEdit

The M82 Sniper Rifle was used in Afghanistan as a long range sniper rifle to to kill targets at ranges past 4,000 feet. In Afghanistan 2 US soldiers whatching a valley where asgined to kill or wound any targets in the area that could poss a threat to US soldiers. The 2 set up a M82 and killed an Afghan terrorest member from over a mile away.

Heavy WeaponEdit

Due to the weapons shere size, wieght and shere power the weapon is limited to having to fire laying down or firing from a mounted position.