M4A1 Carbine with Comp-M and Under Barrel Grip

M4 Carbine

The M4 Carbine was the Result of the Armies needs for a new weapon for C&B battles that could replace the M3 Greace Gun and have the fire power of an Assult Rifle. Introduced in 1997 by Colt as a replacement for the C&Q weapons of the time for the US Army.

Development From the Colt CommandoEdit

The M4 Carbine is basiclyt a modified Colt Commando with a longer barrel and the ability to attach optics and other attachments needed for C&B battles. The M4 has a greater accuracy range than the Colt Commando of 500 meters. The original Colt Commando wasn't able suit the needs of the US Military for a Short adptable Carbine, as it didn't have the ability to fit attachments.

M4 to M4A1Edit

The Original M4 was itself a deraitive of the M16A2 which ment it had a burst setting instead of a full auto setting. The M4A1 was the first of the series to feature the fully autimatic fire mode.