M3 Bradleys

M3 Bradleys

M3 Bradley Calvary Fighting Vehical

First True Tracked Armoured Personel Carrier of the US ArmyEdit

The M3 Bradley is an Armoured Reconisense Vehical in the United States Army and Marine Corps. It is the United States First true APC. It has a 25x137mm M242 Bushmaster cannon, 2x M240 7.62x51mm MGs and a Dual Tow Launcher on the side of the Turret. The Bradley proved its worth in both Gulf wars as an effective tank killer and Command vehical.

Tank KillerEdit

The Bradley's 2x tow launcher proved to be very deadly to the latest Russian tanks. Taking out T-72 in direct hits to the front armor. During the Iraq wars Bradley's killed mre enemy tanks than M1 Abrams did during both wars.


M2 Bradley

M2A1 Bradley

M2A2 Bradley

M2A3 Bradley

M3A1 Bradley, Features a NBC filter and a fire suppression system

M3A2 Bradley

M3A3 Bradley, is the Latest Bradley APC

M6 Linebacker, The M6 is a anti-aircraft model featuring 4x stinger missiles instead of 2x tow missiles