M2 Browning

M2 Brownin

The M2 Browning uses the 12.7x99mm NATO round. The M2 Browning was designed by gun designer John Browning in 1918. The original M2 was designed as a water cooled Machine Gun but was removed and replaced with a air cooled barrel in 1933. The shells from the M2 Browning egect from the bottom of the gun and can be fed from both sides.

Powerful and long lastingEdit

The M2 rowning uses the powerful 12.7x99mm round that is effective aganst every thing from Infantry to light armoured vehicals. The M2 has an effective range of over 5 miles and has been mounted on tanks, ships and planes for over 50 years. It has seen combate in almost every conflict and continent since 1933.