M240B mounted on HMMWV

M240 Medium Machine Gun

The M240 Medium machine Gun is a 7.62x51mm machine gun designed in 1977. Te M240 has seen service in the US Military in both Iraq wars and Afghanistan. It is a belt fed 7.62x51mm machine gun that uses an interchangable barrel. It can be carried by a single soldier or mounted on Tanks and vehicals, such as the M1 Abrams and HMMWVs.


  • M240, entered service mounted on LAVs and tanks
  • M240E4/B, man portable model for the Marine Corps and US Navy, Standard model for US Armed Forces
  • M240C, Coaxial model for vehicals, right hand feded
  • M240E1/D, Featured on aircraft or man portable with grip for downed air crew.
  • M240G, mounted on top of LAVs and manportable, Rate of fire selecter
  • M240E5/H, Improved M240D with longer barrel
  • M240L, Standard US army model, replacing current M240Bs in service