M14 Battle Rifle

M14 Battle Rifle

The M14 was invented by Springfield Armory in 1954 to replace the M1 Garand. It is a selective fire Rifle capable of Fully autamatic and semi fire modes. It became the standard Infantry Rifle of the US Army from 1957 to 1970. It uses the Standard 7.62x51 NATO Round.


The M14 first saw action in vietnam its powerful 7.62x51mm cartrage was very effective in the jungle terran. The M14's corrier was short lived in Vietnam as it was to long of a weapon to use in the Jungle and was slowly phased out and replaced by the M16A1. It would still see combat as a DMR in Vietnam as the Sniper Rifles of that didn't have the ability to fire a secound shot.


From 1970 and up the M14s have been converted to M21 or M25s DMRs. Although some haven't been converted to allow it to fire fully autamatic in a C&B battle.