FN SCAR rifle

Top MK16 FN SCAR L Standard Lenght Bottom MK17 FN SCAR H Standard Lenght


The FN SCAR Assult Rifles are The latest Assult Rifle in US Army. It features a foldable stock and can fire either the Accurate high velocity 5.56x45mm round or the hard hitting 7.62x51mm round. The MK16 SCAR L is intended to replace the M4A1s currently being used by the US Army, while the MK17 SCAR H is intended to replace the M14s and MK11 being used by the US Army.

Possible Replacment for the M4A1 and M16A4Edit

In 2008 the US Army had a limited copition between Heckler&Kock XM8 and HK416, FN SCAR and Colt's M4 Carbine. During the testing the SCAR suffered 226 stoppages, the XM8 127 stoppages, the M4A1 882 stoppages, and the HK416 233 stoppages. The SCAR was declared the winner because the XM8 was defunded and canceled.

MK16 and MK17Edit

There are 2 main differences between the MK16 SCAR L and the MK17 SCAR H. The SCAR H which stands for SCAR Heavy due to the large 7.62x51mm round. The SCAR L or the SCAR Light uses the smaller 5.56x45mm round.

Possible MK16 CancelationEdit